Agnew/Condray Excellence Award


The Mid South Sign Association is abounding with members who are hungry to push this association past the status quo.  These members are persistent in their quest to identify new and better ways to serve their association by originating exceptional ideas, innovating programs, and volunteering their time.


The MSSA Past Presidents Committee developed the Agnew/Condray Excellence Award to honor and recognize those individuals who have contributed to the on-premise sign industry and have been very influential, committed, and active in MSSA’s growth.


Award Recipients

2016  Roger Fillebaum, Creative Signs, Vicksburg, MS


2015  Mandy Wisner, Southern Signs, Natchez, MS


2014  Steve Metheny, "The Steve Metheny Scholarship Foundation"


2013  David Watson, Watchfire Signs, Danville, IL


2012  Troy Crocker, faces, Pelham, AL


2011  Roy Cox, Trav-Ad Signs & Electric, Huntsville, AL


2010  Elvis Davis, "The Elvis Davis Golf Classic"


2009  Hal McCarter, Tubelite Company, Inc., Memphis, TN


2008  Johnny Williams, Reece Supply Co, Inc., Irving, TX


2007  Alton Herring, Herring Sales, Houston, TX



2016 MSSA Hall of Fame Recipients


• Alton Herring

• Dick Reece

• Bill Uline


Alton Herring

"Alton Herring was one of the main leaders in the creation of Mid South Sign Association."

Johnny Williams, Reece Supply Co.


"Alton has been such a generous supporter of the Steve Metheny Scholarship Program since its inception!  I can always depend on him to buy raffle tickets every year.  He sure makes my job a whole lot easier."

Mandy Wisner


"Alton has been a strong supporter of MSSA and always available to help anyone."

Elvis Davis


Dick Reece

"Dick Reece is one of the founders and great supporters of MSSA for as long as I have been a part of this association.  Without his companies support, MSSA would not be where they are today.  His love and support continues to this day through so his legacy lives on and is and should be part of the Hall of Fame.

Bruce Birnbaum, B D B Enterprises, Inc.


Thank You Dick for the support you give MSSA and its members, we are blessed to have your support .

Elvis Davis


Bill Uline

I don’t think Bill Uline has ever missed a MSSA meeting.  His involvement with MSSA and unabashed support and love for MSSA truly makes him a great choice for the Hall of Fame."

Bruce Birnbaum, B D B Enterprises, Inc.


Bill is a friend to all the sign industry who is willing to share his knowledge and expertise freely.

Elvis Davis


"I can add that in my experience with Bill Uline, he always shows an energy and concern for the betterment of this association. His heart is always in the right spot, assisting anyone who may need a helping hand or a friendly ear."

Charles Blanchard, Steel Art Company


"Bill Uline deserves MSSA’s respect and admiration because he gives respect and admiration wholeheartedly. Bill is the consummate “Sign Man’s Man”. He walks the walk and talks the talk, and if he doesn’t know the answer then he will search until he finds it. Bill is one of a few people in our industry that I personally can call a role model and mentor. He leads by example, and he’s also a loyal friend and a brother to us all. Bill Uline is an outstanding representative of the MSSA and our industry which is why he, along with Alton and Dick, deserve to be in the MSSA Hall of Fame. Congratulations to all."

Mike Lev, Harbinger


"I met Bill Uline over 20 years ago and never dreamed of how he would impact my life in such a positive way. His amazing ability to lead and communicate with every person in our organization is remarkable. The passion and dedication that he approaches each day with are unmatched. The accomplishments of his leadership are evident throughout our industry.


The Sign Industry, our Sign Association, My life, and our world are all a much better place because Bill Uline has participated in them.


Thank you Bill Uline and Congratulations on this well-deserved honor from the Mid-South Sign Association."

Troy Crocker, faces


"Bill Uline epitomizes what every person in the sign business should aspire to be.  He is an expert at his work and is one of the friendliest persons you would ever want to meet.  He is very deserving of this honor."

Jerry Hodge


"Bill is one of the smartest men I know.  When MSSA went to faces’ new facility for a meeting a few years ago, I was on the plant tour given by Bill.  It just so happened that Troy Crocker was in my group.  I remember telling him that Bill must be his MVP.  He is so knowledgeable about every aspect of their plant.  As a customer, when we call with a problem, he has an answer.  You couldn’t ask for a better guy!  Well deserved Bill Uline!!  You would be in Southern Signs Hall of Fame too if we had one!"

Mandy Wisner, Southern Signs



"Bill Uline is just a born leader and abounds in new and great ideas. For him to use these qualities in helping to build our association is a great gift that MSSA will profit from for years to come. Thank you Bill."

Roy H. Cox, Trav-Ad Signs



"Bill is someone who is embedded in the sign industry and leaving footprints for the future generation to follow.  His humor and knowledge of sign knowledge is equal to none."

Karen Warr, MSSA Executive Director


"Not sure I can come up with a short version of comments to express why I believe Bill should receive this award.  Could it be the number of seminars that he has been asked to give with a resounding yes, could it be the number of times he has contributed to the trade shows by his attendance and participation, could it be his constant praise and support of the association through recruiting new members and promoting all the events.  The answer to all these questions is yes.  But the number one reason Bill is a worthy recipient of this award is because he is a Hall of Fame man and a Hall of Fame mentor.


Personally, I cannot thank Bill enough for his impact on my life, he took a snot nosed kid of an owner and taught me the difference between a plastic face and a light bulb, he taught me how to treat people with respect while getting the most out of them, he taught me what a leader is all about but most importantly he did it while being my friend. I spent my fair share of time in the principal’s office while working with Bill, but those times were the best learning experiences (and scariest) a young sign guy could have. Bill is one of the most intelligent men I have ever met with a side of quirky.  Bill never asked to be recognized but his dedication to this industry and MSSA specifically through training, support and education have made him a MSSA Hall of Famer.


Congratulations Bill, you deserve all the accolades that come along with being a MSSA hall of famer.  You are joining an elite group of people who have made a difference in this industry.  Well done Mr. Uline."

Shane Metheny, GSG

Hall of Fame


The MSSA Hall of Fame was established to honor those members of MSSA who have made special contributions and/or have provided exceptional leadership over several years.


Tom Agnew


Kermit Boudreaux


Trent Butler


Bill Cairns


Fred and Jerri Condray


Russell Condray


Debbie Craig


Elvis Davis


Arline Condray Dickey


Roger Fillebaum


Bill Gatlin


Charles Hampton


Alton Herring


Jerry Hodge


Betty Jones


Larry Mann


Harold Massey


Steve Metheny


Richard E. Reece


Eddie Sullivan


Labon Tatum


Leroy Tubbs


Bill Uline


Charlie Withrow


Bill Zachmeyer



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