2019 MSSA Sign Design Competition


• Winning designer per category will receive a plaque & $250.00

• Best of the Best winning designer receives an additional $500.00
• Best of the Best company: Mark Pridmore Trophy & One Year Free MSSA Membership


Entries submission deadline May 17, 2019


The Mid South Sign Association is now accepting entries for the 2019 MSSA Sign Design Competition. Plaques and recognition will be presented to both the winning companies and graphic designers at MSSA’s SignConnexion 2019 in Birmingham, Alabama. Please note, the new and improved Sign Design Contest rules and categories suit our diverse membership.



  • Freestanding large sign (50 sqf. and greater)
  • Freestanding small sign (less than 50 sqf.)
  • Wall mounted/channel letters
  • Graphics (interior/exterior)
  • Best of the Best


Rules and Regulations:

  1. Sign Company is a current member, in good standing, of the Mid-South Sign Association (MSSA dues must be paid in full).
  2. Only signs designed & manufactured by MSSA member companies at the time of submission entry & deadline date will be considered.
  3. Signs that are previously entered are not allowed in any category.
  4. Each members company is allowed a maximum of three (3) entries per category. Categories are defined above.
  5. Incomplete entries will be disqualified.
  6. Each entry must be submitted through the form below.
  7. The Best of the Best award, which is considered to be the best overall design of all categories' first place winner, will be selected by the MSSA members in attendance at SignConnexion 2019 in Birmingham, AL.
  8. Winners will be asked to provide a company profile.
  9. All entries become the property of Mid-South Sign Association.
  10. Companies with first place winning entries must agree to provide a photo in RAW format at 8 x 10, 300 dpi.


Entries are due May 17, 2019. Voting begins on May 27 and closes on June 15, 2019.



  1. A panel of judges is selected for a committee to judge each category according to their expertise in the sign industry. Judges will be made anonymous. Voting criteria is as follows:
    a. Membership Votes/Social Media - 70%
    b. Committee Votes - 30%
  2. Best of the Best voted on by SignConnexion attendees during the presentation of awards dinner.



  1. Winning Designer per category will receive $250.00 & winning plaque.
  2. Best of the Best Winning designer will receive an additional $500.00.
  3. Best of the Best will also receive a custom trophy that will be passed year to year, for the company to display in Office. After that year is over the trophy will be returned and a replica of the trophy will be given to the company at SignConnexion.
  4. Awards will be presented at the Awards Dinner at SignConnexion.


Entry Instructions:

  1. Entry Deadline: May 17, 2019
  2. Limit three entries per category
  3. Submit one entry at a time
  4. Each entry must be submitted through the form below.


Please reach out to Annie Anderson for any questions!




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